How to generate Network Marketing leads online – Part 2/3

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Hi folks, this is part 2 of 3 parts series of How to generate Network Marketing leads online. If you missed part 1, you can go and check it out here.

In Part 1, we have covered the method of ‘Blogging’, why is it important, how to start for free and how to do it the correct way (so you won’t waste your time for nothing) and I have shared with you a 4 steps formula for how to use a blog to generate leads.

In this part, I want to share with you a few tips on how to use ‘Social Media’ and even more importantly, how NOT TO use Social Media for generating network marketing leads for your business or your product

Whatever you do, definitely DON’T DO the following on Facebook/Google+:

  1. Don’t spam people.

    I’m sure that most of you don’t consider yourselves as spammers, but…

    – If you send information to people who didn’t explicitly asked for it, you are spamming.

    – If you publish your ads on other people wall without their permission, you are spamming.

    – If you tag your friends in your ads for it to pop up on their friends feed, you are spamming.

    Well…you got the picture.

    If you do those, people will get angry on you and ban you, and if enough people will do that, Facebook will ban you as well.

  2. Don’t “Fake it until you make it”, Don’t lie!

    I’m sure that most of you do not consider yourselves as lairs.

    But I did encounter some “leaders” at the past that were acting unethically.

    If you are sharing your product in Facebook and asking your friends to post comments with a “genuine” testimonial in favor of your product (which they never used), that is called lying.

  3. Don’t use the “firehosing method”.

    Which mean do not spread your ads and testimonials about your product/business all over the place and only that all the time. If you do that, people will unfriend you, or just ignore you. Think about it… How long will you sit and watch a channel on your TV that shows only commercials?

I can guess what some of you might think by now – “…This is all true, but what I’m sharing is very important and high-quality information, might even be life-changing information!”.

Well, that might be true. But if you put this information in front of the wrong people, using the wrong methods, that will be just a waste of time and effort and might even sabotage your success.

So what we can and should do?

Here is a 3 step formula for how to get leads with social media:

  1. Define your Avatar – your target audience. I assume that almost EVERYBODY can benefit from your product and/or business but you need to be laser focused when defining your avatar, For example:- what is his/her age?
    – what are his/her hobbies?
    – what is his/her socioeconomic state?
    – etc.
  2. Use the above definition to figure out where your target audience is hanging in the social media universe (which groups they are part of, what pages they fan, etc.)
  3. Join those relevant groups and start making friends as you do in the real world. DON’T push your product or your business opportunity right away. After all, also in the real world, you don’t ask someone to marry you on your first blind date! 🙂

So when is the right time to share the information about your product or your business opportunity?

Since you are not selling a $5 item, people will need to trust you before they buy from you, needless to say, join your business.

So your job on social media is not to make a sale, but rather to build trust.

And you achieve that by ’liking’ and commenting on posts and pictures, engaging in questions and answers in the group, etc. You know, the ‘regular’ activities from the real world. And not by spamming with your ads all over the place and sending pushy private messages to people that you barely know to join your business or buy your product.

You probably wonder by now – this is all very nice, but when do I get the chance to share the info about my product and business?!

And the answer is simple – when you are being asked to. 🙂

You probably think that I’m either fooling you or I’m living in wonderland since this can never happen!

Well, if you want to know how to make it happen, move to the next (and last) part where I share one simple technique of how to get people to like you and trust you to the degree that they will ask you for a presentation.

How to get people to like you and trust you and ask you for a presentation

These days, most people engaging in a conversation will strive to do as much talking they can (vs listening to the other party). Since I’m an introvert, I usually do the opposite – most of the time l listen to the other party and speak as little as I have to. And I found that people really liked it, telling me that I’m a great listener!

What happens when someone like you? -> they are going to check your profile to find out more about you. Now you see why I urged you in the first part of this post not to lie, spam or firehosing your products/opportunity.

But how do you get THEM TO ASK YOU for a presentation?

Here is a simple technique I’ve learned from one of my mentors (Tom Big Al Schreiter):

Ask him/her – “what are you doing for a living?”

What do you think will happen once he/she will finish answering your question?…

Either from genuine interest or just courtesy – he/she will ask you back the same question – “so what are YOU doing for a living?”

See the opening?

Here is an example of how I answer this question:

“I am a software engineer and I also have this part-time business from home, you know few hours here a few hours there… I started with it a few years ago, initially just to get some extra income to pay the bills when I wasn’t making enough income in my day job. But now we save this money along the year and we use it to travel overseas for the summer vacation each year including the kids!”.

Guessing what will be their next question?…

Answer – “Can you tell me more about it?”

But this question will come ONLY (and remember part two of this post – define your Avatar) if you are engaging with someone who is actively looking to make more money, part-time to cover his bills or for recreation.

Curious about what is my Avatar? here goes:

He/she is a software engineer married with children, behind their bills who love to travel and hadn’t taken a vacation for a long time and looking to make extra money from home.

Well, that’s all for this post!

Are you generating leads through social media?

Do you have some tips to share regarding how to generate leads using Facebook?

If you do,

Please don’t be shy and share your tips in the comment below.

And as usual, if you have any question or you want me to elaborate on any topic from the post, please ask your question on the comment below.



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