How to get on the first page on google

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How with a website less than one-year-old, with poor English and being nobody special, I manage to get on the first page of Google?

You wrote a great post convincing people to buy the product you promote or join your team, and maybe 90% of the people who read it indeed buys your product or join your team. But if no one will be able to find your post on the first page of Google, no one is going to read it!

There is no doubt that today if you are not on the first page of Google, you do not exist! So the million dollar question is How to rank on the first page on Google?

If you are reading this post, you are probably already familiar with the terms ‘SEO’, ‘SEA’ and ‘Keywords’. Just in case you are not, here is a short recap: SEO or ‘Search Engine Optimization’ is the free method (unpaid) for promoting your website/posts on Google organic search results. As you probably guessed by now, SEA or ‘Search Engine Advertising’ is the paid method for doing the same. In SEA, you basically pay Google to put an ad on their first page with a link to your post.

How to get on the first page on google

When dealing with SEO, the main tool that you have to improve your rank on Google search results is ‘Keywords’. While writing your post, you need to include specific keywords (phrases) that will improve your post rank on Google search result. There are only 3 demands from these keywords:

  1. They need to be relevant to what you are writing about.
  2. They need to have high traffic. Which mean there are a lot of searches on Google each month for those precise keywords.
  3. They need to have low competition. Which mean there are only a few other websites that compete to get on the first page of Google for these precise keywords.

How to find these keywords

How to find these keywords is the million dollar question 🙂

You can use your common sense and…guess…

Or you can use a tool called Jaxxy.

What is Jaxxy?

Jaxxy is an online keyword research tool. Actually, Jaxxy is much more than that and if you want to check out all the different features of Jaxxy, you can do it over here. For the sake of keeping this post short and focused on the topic of how to get on the first page of Google, In this post I’ll review only Jaxxy keywords research tool.

How does it work?

Using Jaxxy as a keywords research tool is quite simple. You just enter the keywords (phrase) that you want to research for traffic and competition and hit the “Find Keywords” button. And Jaxxy will show you the results for your exact phrase and will suggest another 10 phrases with their results, Here is an example for researching the phrase “How to Show Up on the First Page of Google”:

Jaxxy search results

Here is a short explanation for the different columns at the results above:

Avg – The average number of searches that the keyword receives per month.

Traffic – visits to your website if you achieve first-page ranking on the search engine.

QSR (Quoted search results) – the number of competing websites rank in Google for this exact keywords

KQI (Keyword Quality Indicator) – Green is great, Yellow is okay, Red is poor.

SEO – The score is based on traffic and competition (scale 1-100). The higher the score, the more likely you will rank in the first page.

As you can see from the screenshot above, my first guess for a “good” phrase was quite poor…

Less than 10 searches a month and with less than 10 visits to my site. But Jaxxy also suggested alternative keywords with some good results, like:

  • how to get your website on the first page of Google” with 72 searches a month and with an estimated traffic of 13 visits and reasonable competition (qsr=96). Or
  • how to get on the first page of Google” with 410 searches a month and estimated traffic of 70 visits! But with a bit high competition (qsr=157)

So I decided to combine 2 of Jaxxy suggestions and came up with a new keyword – “how to get on the first page on google” and here are the results:

Jaxxy search results


As you can see they are quite amazing – 410 searches with an estimated traffic of 70 visits and with only 2 competing websites! And Jaxxy even suggested a few more nuggets like:

  • “how to get in the first page of Google” with same traffic and zero! Competition. And
  • “how to rank in the first page of Google” with a great traffic and only 4 competing websites.

You probably noticed that there is a small “L” near some of the keywords, that it because when I find a good keyword I save it to a list. This way, when I complete my research I can look at the list for all the keywords I collected from the different searches. No need for separate excel sheets or manual lists.

Now, all that is left to you is to choose which one from your list will serve as the title of your post and how to use the others while writing the post.

Is it really working?

Well, you did find this post on Google first page…didn’t you? 🙂

Here are some examples from my other posts which are rank on the first page of Google (at the time of writing this post), thanks to Jaxxy:

  • “The Four Year Career by Richard Brooke” – My post is rank #3 on the first page of Google:


  • “How to generate Network Marketing leads online“ – My post is rank #2 on the first page of Google:


  • “Is Webtal a Scam or Legit?” – My post is rank #1 on the first page of Google:


So as you can see, Jaxxy does work!


What is your Site Rank?

By the way, Jaxxy also has this cool tool called – “Site Rank” where you post the Keywords and the website domain and Jaxxy will let you know how it is rank on the 3 main search engines – Google, Bing & Yahoo. As you can see from the following screenshot, my website is rank #5 on the first page of Yahoo and #3 on the first page of Bing for the main Keywords of my site – “Online Income Opportunities” (still have some work to do on Google 🙂 )

Check out Jaxxy yourself:

Just enter your keywords on Jaxxy search box below and hit search to see the results:






What other features Jaxxy has?

Jaxxy has some other great tools besides the keywords research tool. Here are a few of them:

Alphabet Soup

If you run out of topics to write about, try to use your keyword with the ‘Alphabet soup’, this will generate some phrases for your keyword with each letter of the Alphabet.

Search Analysis

Want to improve your post rank on Google? Why not learn from your competition?

Just enter the keywords that you are competing to get on the first page on Google, and Jaxxy will show you which posts rank the highest on each search engine, then you can click the “view details” button to reveal the juicy staff that helps to promote this post to the first page.

Affiliate Programs

If you are writing a blog for monetizing purposes, then you will be glad to know that Jaxxy has just the tool for you. When entering the Keywords that you are ranking in the first page, Jaxxy will look for you on the main 3 platforms for publishing affiliate programs and suggest some relevant affiliate programs.

How much does it cost?

How to get Jaxxy for free?

If you are looking for how to get on the first page on Google, you either already have a blog or intend to have one. When doing online marketing or affiliate marketing, or trying to promote your agenda via a blog, using keywords is only one small aspect of this industry and in order to succeed you need to learn all the other tools. At the same price of Jaxxy monthly subscription, you can get it for free with a complete training program for how to do online affiliate marketing/network marketing and free hosting for up to 50 websites! If you like to learn more, check out my review of the Wealthy Affiliate program over here.

And that’s all folks!

Your 2 cents will be appreciated, and especially If you already have some experience with Jaxxy and are willing to share. Please share it on the comment below.

Enjoy this post? Please spread the word. Thanks :)

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