What Is My Lead System Pro (MLSP) about?

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If you were looking for a training program of how to create leads online for your business. Or if you are in network marketing looking to make your first steps online, you have probably encountered MLSP and wonder what is My Lead System Pro all about.

What is MLSP

MLSP was created by Brian Fanale, Norbert Orlewicz, and Todd Schlomer, who were top earners in their network marketing company using online marketing methods. They have created MLSP out of necessity for training the peoples on their groups.

Since then, MLSP had evolved to support other types of business owners and entrepreneurs outside of the network marketing industry. My Lead System Pro is composed of three major components – training materials, pre-made tools for creating leads and affiliate marketing program.

Training materials


As part of your monthly subscription you get access to a huge amount of training on almost every topic that relates to online marketing and on every type format you like to (live webinars, recorded webinars, posts, etc).

Beside those training, there are also training products which are not part of the subscription (even not in the high ticket subscription) and you need to buy them separately if you like to use them.

Affiliate Marketing Program

MLSP has its own affiliate program. But you need to be on the high ticket monthly subscription ($150/month) in order to become an affiliate.

On the Mastery subscription, you will get full rights to market and sell their different products, which range from $7- $2500 and keep almost 0 of the sale. You will also receive $100/month for each Mastery subscriber you refer.

How much does it cost?

So after understanding what is included in My Lead System Pro, it is time to understand how much MLSP cost. Well, the pricing is quite simple, they have 2 level of subscriptions + up sales:

  1. “MLSP University” for $49/month
  2. “MLSP Mastery” for $149/month
  3. Up sales for different products, ranging from $7 up to $2500.


So what do you get in each level?

The “MLSP University” level

As it states, it is aimed for the peoples who just want to learn how to do online marketing using this platform. It DOES NOT provide you the option to become an affiliate partner and earn from promoting the platform. It also doesn’t provide the option to build a blog on the platform, but it does let you use the pre-built lead capture pages.

The “MSLP Mystery”

As it stated on their site, it is for peoples who want to become leaders – “You must become a leader and provide value if you want to get paid as a home business professional: ‘MASTERY’ is a cutting-edge solution engineered to force you to step up into a leadership role AND provide value!”.

On this subscription, you will be able to use the blogging platform of the site to set your own blog for branding yourself.

On this level, you will also be eligible to become an affiliate partner and promote the MLSP platform and the different products as an affiliate partner and receive commissions for that.



Who is it for?

Originally MLSP was developed for helping peoples in network marketing for getting leads for their business online. But since then it has evolved and it is now suited for any business owner who wants to learn how to do online marketing.

Peoples who just Want to Learn

Taking into consideration the cost/month it is not aimed for peoples who are on a budget. If you are looking to learn how to do marketing online, indeed MLSP will give you good value for your money. But if you are looking just to learn, there are other alternatives out there that cost much less. You can check for example the Wealthy Affiliate program.

Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

If you are evaluating MLSP as an optional affiliate program, also, in this case, I think that you will get good value for your money. Taking into consideration the different high ticket products they have for sale (which is good for you as an affiliate) and the generous almost 0 commission rate. Yet, with a price of $150/month you should have some spare $100’s since it will take time until you will build a list of followers (potential customers) if you are just getting started your online adventure. If you like the idea of promoting the kind of training MLSP provides, but look for something less pricey, you can check the Wealthy Affiliate program. In the WA program, the commission’s percent wise (%25-%50) is less than in MLSP. But becoming an affiliate on the Wealthy Affiliate platform is free.

Network Marketers

If you are into network marketing, you probably know that %90 of the peoples that you speak to will not become your customer or business partner. What MLSP provide you is an option to earn from those who say no to your network marketing business offer. If you are targeting other MLMers, there is a chance that they might become customers of MLSP.


  • A Huge amount of training on almost every topic that relates to online marketing.
  • Diversified delivery methods – live training, recorded training, posts, etc.
  • Ready-made lead capture pages.
  • Lucrative affiliates program.


  • A bit pricey. What you get for $49/month on MLSP, you can get for free (and even more), on other programs. For example on the WA program, you get the basic training, 2 blogs and become an affiliate for free. And on the $49/month you get the full training, 50! Blogs, more tools the double your commissions as an affiliate.
  • The ready-made lead capture pages are good for a period of time. But once they are released, most of the target audience get exposed to them in a matter of months. You have to create your unique pages in order to brand yourself and raise yourself above the crowd.

Final verdict

If you are in network marketing and looking for a training program for how to do marketing online correctly, and have the spare budget to spend, go for it! You will get there all the training that you need. But if you don’t have the money or you prefer to save it for something else, check my recommendation here.

If you are an affiliate marketer who is checking this program as an optional affiliate marketing program to promote. I do not recommend this program. It is not that you won’t make money with this program. As stated on their site they have already distributed a large amount of money in commissions to their affiliates. I just think that it is a bit pricey to pay $150/month just to become an affiliate where there are similar other programs with the same quality of the product where you can become an affiliate for free. You can check one of them here.

If you are an MLSP member who wants to share your experience or have any question you like me to address, you are welcome to share it in the comments below.

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